The (Play)Grounds

It’s always sad to have to leave my four-legged friend at home when I go out to eat. That is why dog-friendly cafes & eateries make me so so happy!

The Grounds is the perfect place for you and your dog to hang out. The lively atmosphere, friendly faces and beautiful interiors and exteriors will make you coming back for more!

Max enjoying his valet parking while we order takeaway inside the restaurant
The Brekkie Burger (10.5) & the Brekkie Box (14.5)

IMG_1292 (2)

There are plenty of water canisters and drinkable taps across The Grounds to make sure both you and your dog are well hydrated throughout your visit.

The lovely florists even provided some fresh water just for Max
“Garden goals” said Max
IMG_1465 (2)
Max & I certainly loaded up on memories!
He slept like this on the drive home

Can’t wait to go back!


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