Last week, my mummy took me to the beach! It was my first time and it was surprisingly… FANTASTIC! Mummy like to take me with her to explore beautiful places and be united with Mother Nature.. and I love it! But I have to confess that I am not the most comfortable puppy when it comes to all things water – like walking on the jetty, walking on the rocks by the bay or walking across very tall bridges across the water..EEK! We had only walked the Bay Run twice together, and next thing I know I’m at the beach!

We walked up to the South Bondi Lookout – it was MAGNIFICENT! The sound of the waves were so calming, I felt hypnotised by them as I walked mummy closer and closer to the edge of the lookout. I just wanted to see what was out there. But mummy found this amazing spot that overlooked the entire Bondi Beach!

Boy oh boy was it a scorcher that day! Lucky I was out of my winter coat and into my summer bangs from my recent grooming session!

When I grow up, I want to be a lifesaver!

By noon, I was exhausted. It was just so so hot – all I wanted was to rest under a nice cool shady tree. Mummy and Uncle Aengus are very understanding and would rest with me for as long as I wanted under the cool trees. They always made sure we stopped regularly for water breaks and kept me away from the sun as much as possible at the hottest point of the day. Mummy loves me so much that she stopped by the shops and bought me a big juicy apple for me to munch on – my favourite treat!


Mommy and Aengus were really hungry, but they also wanted me to rest in the shade, so Uncle Aengus carried me in the shade while walking to lunch!

I quite enjoy cruising around with mummy; she let’s me wind down the windows and catch the breeze with my tongue sticking out! I’m pretty good – I always sit patiently in the back seat until mummy unbuckles my seat belt and lets me out (or maybe I just love the way she cuddles me like a human baby as she lifts me out of the car…hehehehe).

Car rides = Cuddles

I love seeing the world and learning more and more each day about this beautiful place! My childhood, unlike the walking humans that share this Earth with me, is short-lived (they say I am an adult when I turn 1 year old, but mummy only just became an adult, it took her 21 years!), but if I live everyday to the fullest, time doesn’t even matter!

‘Don’t can’t the days, make the days count’

xo Max


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