Fresh start & fresh cuts

It’s hard to keep up with the weather in Sydney, earlier this week the mercury hit 40°C and today it dropped all the way down to the low 20s. I wanted to take Max to the Bay Run at Iron Cove for a bit of morning exercise. He had walked this circuit once before (but his four legs could barely move another inch afterwards). I’m proud of him though, 7km is quite a feat for fluffy 4-month-old. The grey clouds that clustered the sky were not promising, and not long into the drive, it started to sprinkle on us. Even when we got to the park, it hadn’t stopped. We waited by the cafe and waited it out (which, luckily, was only 5 minutes or so).

Like all poodle puppies, Max is always super excited to play, explore new places and meet new doggy friends. I, too, am the same. I love doing the Bay Run in the summer – everyone is so spirited and active, it’s just echoes good vibes. I wanted to take Max to one of my favourite spots along the Run – Callan Park. The tall dense trees, large green fields and tree-lined driveway reminds me of the countryside and carries a serene air into the field. It was a lovely moment that we shared, just sitting in the middle of the green looking across the park, and just taking it all in.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset
Max looking across Callan Park, Lilyfield

In light of the forecasted heat waves that are about to hit Sydney this weekend and next week, we took Max to the groomers for some fresh cuts at Palette Studio, Drummoyne. This very grooming studio was actually where Max used to stay for doggy daycare before my I adopted him. Max’s past owners lived in a small apartment and when they adopted Max, they underestimated the size of him (and attention and care he required) and overestimated the size of their apartment. So their lovely friend, Angelina, who happens to be the owner of Palette Studio, was happy to have Max stay at her shop during the day while the owners were looking for a new home for Max. Palette Studio did an awesome job giving Max his new summer makeover. Now, he’ll be able enjoy splashing his paws on the shore without drenching his long legs and roll in the grass at the park without accumulating a bunch of burrs in his long locks.

Check out Max’s new do.

Max showing off his fresh cuts by the pool
Max playing fetch in the garden

I love it. I feel like I have a little red lamb in my house.


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